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I am Dennis Heer, Dutch and have been living in Majorca since 1992.

I opened my first real estate agency in 1995 in Costa de la Calma. I currently direct MAJORCA FOR SALE and I am a certificated broker for Real Estate (Hotels included), Investments, Constructions & More.

For years there has been a lot of competition in the real estate market in Majorca and in the Balearic Islands in general. Many foreign people are currently engaged in real estate sales, but most without experience and the professional contacts that are necessary for a succesful job. Even the "big names" real estate companies are not always the best, as there is a lot of rotation of unskilled employees who do not know the island, its towns and property prices. 

However my  team, regarding the purchase and sale of real estate, has always distinguished itself by its professional and personalized treatment. My clients enjoy a number of exceptionel services where other agencies are only engaged in trying to sell you a home.

Unlike other agencies I do not offer any random property that is for sale. I work only with a selection of properties that convince me by their quality and price. Some are on this website, others only on request because of discretion (off-market properties). If you do not find what you are looking for, let me know and thanks to the select group of agencies with which I collaborate, I will find it for you and advise you being your "Buying Advisor".

My motto: 'If I can not find it, it is not for sale' 




I hope to meet you soon.


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Spanish, English, German, Dutch  

Your certified agent: Management of real estate property - Intermediary in the promotion of buildings. Surge, 1995


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